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Speed of Sound

Visualization showing the speed of sound at different scales. Done in Adobe AfterEffects. [OC] Speed of Sound from dataisbeautiful


Compiling Berkeley DB 4.8.30 in Ubuntu 19

I’ve been following guides like this one, to run a bitcoin node, but upon compiling Berkeley DB 4.8.30 on my Ubuntu virtual machine, I kept getting the error:   ln -s libdb-4.8.a libdb.a ./libtool...

Bay Area concentration of different ethnicities per census block. 0

San Francisco Geo-Ethnicities

I had been wanting to better understand the geographical characteristics of race and ethnicity in the San Francisco/Bay Area region where I reside. The US Census has plenty of updated information on this topic,...


Alexa is (probably) not spying on you

Motivation I constantly come across people that claim Alexa (Amazon Echo) is spying on you. They argue that Alexa is either transcribing everything you say and sending the resulting plaintext to Amazon; or even...


DD-WRT – 10 reasons to get it

I’ve been an avid DD-WRT user for about two years now, and I’ve decided to compile a list of the top 10 reasons for me to love it. If you want to get started...


Average Chinese Character

Using Python’s Numpy is easy to draw how an average Chinese character would look like. I took the 2000 most common characters, drew them onto images using `PIL` and calculated it’s average with...


Simulating and Visualizing Blackjack

Introduction I am sure you are familiar with the basic strategy of Blackjack. A diagram with the dealers face up card on the x-axis and the player cards on the y-axis. In each cell,...