PSN We’ve encountered an error while processing your order

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  1. Souvik says:

    Having exactly this issue right now. So after checking that checkbox to use the billing address, did that work? Were you able to make a purchase successfully after that? If it worked for you at all, how long did that take after address change?

    Sorry for series of questions, just eager to know if you were able to fix the issue ever.

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hey Souvik,

      It did work right away after I updated my billing address. If it didn’t for you, I would suggest opening a chat with Sony Ent. support team. It seems like this error may be shown for different underlying problems.

      • Souvik says:

        Thank you for your earlier message.

        Wanted to update, for whoever facing (or faced) similar issue, after numerous email exchanges with Sony, it didn’t work for me. I am barred to purchase anything off the store using a browser from my computer. The bots kept replying the same thing over and over again that I probably have address verification issue.

        Surprisingly I was able to finally make that purchase directly from console, guess what, using the same credit card which was denied earlier for so many times. This is super peculiar.

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